Applied Creativity is where inspiration meets organization.

Applied Creativity is about combining artistic imagination, grand vision and strategic planning to create transformative cultural experiences. We thrive on developing and implementing projects and programs that bring artists, organizations and communities together in unexpected, innovative ways.

We believe that working from a place of trust, transparency, cooperation and collaboration is the best path to successful outcomes.

Here are Ten Best Practices for Applied Creativity.

  1. Always Start from Yes
  2. Good Ideas Are Everywhere
  3. Embrace Chaos, Cultivate Order
  4. Keeping asking “Why?” until you get to the root cause
  5. Process and Outcome are inextricably linked
  6. People will surprise you if you let them
  7. Model the world you want to inhabit
  8. Cultivate Generosity
  9. Encourage Reciprocity
  10. Keep trying! You have to generate a lot of bad ideas to find the good one