The Brooklyn Commune Project

Brooklyn Commune Report coverThe Brooklyn Commune Project was a grassroots initiative organized by and The Invisible Dog Art Center to educate, activate and unify performing artists of all disciplines to work together towards a more equitable, just and sustainable arts ecology in America.

It was structured as an iterative, collaborative public research & visioning process investigating the economics of cultural production in the performing arts. The project’s goal was to create an artist-driven vision of a healthy arts ecosystem in America and to bring artists, institutions, administrators and funders together for mutually respectful, open, non-hierarchical discourse around difficult topics such as resource allocation, capital, value, labor, aesthetics, diversity, equity, inclusion and quality of life.

The BKCP published a report, “The View From Here“, which was presented at APAP 2014 accompanied by a series of public programs. The Brooklyn Commune community that was developed by the project continues currently under new, next generation leadership.