Boutique Commissions & Collecting

What better way to commemorate a special occasion, honor a major life event, celebrate someone’s legacy, or just give a beautiful gift to a loved one and/or the public at large, than to commission a great work of art?

Applied Creativity works with collectors, organizations, institutions and private businesses to commission and/or acquire works of art in dance, performance, music, sound, installation and digital media; objects, artifacts and ephemera.

We match potential collectors to artists based on shared areas of interest, expertise and/or specific occasions or initiatives. Each commissioned work is appropriately credited to the patron and includes unique collectables developed in partnership with the collector.

Applied Creativity can activate its network of writers, critics, scholars and arts professionals to develop  contextual materials to exist alongside and support the work, including a beautifully designed limited edition catalogue solely for the collector and their friends.

When possible, commissions will be developed through Applied Creativity’s associated not-for-profit Culturebot Arts & Media, making the commissioning costs tax-deductible to the patron.

For more information on our Boutique Commissions and Collecting services please contact Andy Horwitz directly at ah[at]andyhorwitz[dot]com.